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Writing & reading erotica

This is a blog about erotica, romantic erotica, or erotic romance -- that is, sexy stories. 

Here are some of the recently published novellas and short stories from Kiki Blue:

The Librarian

Small-town librarian Lisette is smart, funny, and nice - and she happens to love cheesy romance novels. When her erotic daydreams start coming to life, will she stay a well-behaved librarian, or will she indulge in some erotic adventures? Like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, The Librarian takes a look at what happens when when a nice girl puts down her books and starts living out her fantasy.

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The Shepherdess and The Dragon

Juliette is a shepherdess who has lost her flock to a deadly predator: The dragon. She hunts him down to get her revenge, tracking him through the forest to the top of a formidable mountain. But once she enters his cave, she discovers that she may get more than revenge. Love and passion may be her reward as the dragon Akash ignites her longing for freedom and adventure.

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Room 13

Rosy is a hard-working maid who likes to relax at the end of her shift. And her favorite way to unwind is waiting for her behind the door marked Room 13. Every time she opens that door, it’s a surprise for Rosy. Tonight, the concierge has booked some special guests into Room 13: Rosy’s own cowboy harem. Will Rosy ever get enough?   Warning: Contains sex and tequila. Short story for mature readers.

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Blue Collar:  The Bartender

A good girl with a broken heart walks into a bar, ready for revenge. Maddy has dumped her cheating fiancé, but she's still stuck in a new city with a broken heart. She thinks that margaritas and a one night stand will cheer her up. But the bartender knows better: Michael can see that Maddy deserves more than a hook-up with some jerk. He has a different plan to get her over her heartbreak and her hangover. Short story for mature readers.

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Blue Collar:  The Plumber

Liz is trying to remodel her new old house but it's hard with a plumber like Matt in the house. He may be good with his hands, but his ripped abs, broad shoulders and perfect butt might be put to better use in the bedroom than the kitchen. Matt soon shows her that renovating can be a lot more fun than she thought.  An erotic short for mature readers.

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The Minotaur and the Priestess

Beneath this ancient city, the Minotaur demands an annual sacrifice: a maiden to satisfy his appetites. When her sister is chosen as the next victim, Severine chooses to fight back. As a prostitute and independent woman, she is not afraid of any man's appetite and she has nothing to lose. Her reward will be her own freedom - and the love of the beast that she once feared

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